Browser Dance Party at HTML5 Dev Conf


I had the pleasure of speaking at HTML5 Dev Conf this year on using the Web Audio API to make audio visualizations in a browser. HTML5 Dev Conf 2013

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Testing Firefox Mobile Add-ons with an Emulator


Firefox's Add-on SDK provides abstractions for manipulating components such as tabs and page-workers between Firefox desktop and Firefox for Android. There are several guides for testing an add-on with an Android device, but not all developers have a device for testing; here's how to run your add-on with the Android emulator.

Firefox and Android

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Jetpack's Places API Proposal


Places, Firefox's bookmark and history management system, is coming to Firefox Add-on SDK for add-on developers to easily manipulate bookmarks and query browsing history. Current API proposal, examples, and design decisions below!


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API Design Goals: Intuitive APIs


Here at Mozilla, we're currently designing an interface to Firefox's Places API for the Jetpack API. This feature has got me thinking about what qualities make a good API. An interface should enhance, never hinder, and so, to distill this thought into crude words, we want to provide the most intuitive and flexible interface possible to our add-on developers. From our perspective, we also want our features to be maintainable. While these terms may sound like buzzwords, they provide a standard and verifiable vocabulary for discussing API design, allowing us to ignore arguments of object-oriented versus functional, inheritence versus composition, comma-first, required semi-colons, and the like, as these are all building blocks to achieve the goal of a good API. A means to an end.

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Getting Started with Poet


Last week at Node Philly, we had a hack-and-meet event, where there were tutorials on the HTTP module in node, using Express, and having released and presented Poet at the previous meetup, I helped out those going through the set up. Here's the tutorial I wrote for a hack and covers everything, so once you have node and npm installed with no further knowledge, you should be able to follow along and get a blog up and running! poet

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